High School Students Support The Arts With Their Very Own Cheer Squad.

Bruins Classies

Move over, “Crazies,” the “Classies” are here!

At most schools in the U.S., it’s customary to have a cheer squad to support athletics. Cheerleaders drum up excitement at pep rallies, put on jaw-dropping routines at games, and provide support on the sidelines of most events. But what about students who aren’t athletes?

Students who participate in performing and visual arts put the same amount of time and energy into their craft, yet they seldom receive the same outward displays of support as athletes do. A group of students at Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah, decided to change that fact by creating a pep squad just for the arts.

Their school’s athletics cheer squad is called the Bruin Crazies, so they named their brand new artsy cheer squad the Bruin Classies!

“The Bruin Crazies are essentially our student cheering department,” student Caleb Stay said. “We figured, ‘Why not create something for all of the arts, whether it be choir, band, orchestra, jewelry showcase, photography and art galleries – to give them some publicity and cheer them on?’â€

Classies wear a “uniform” of bow ties to signify the “sense of class” artistic endeavors bring their school. They promote upcoming performances by carrying around signs advertising the latest play, musical, or dance performance. Hoping to drum up ticket sales, they encourage their fellow students to come out to support the hard work of others. They also attend performances, shows, and displays at school to cheer their classmates on.

Caleb said they’ve discussed making a cheer squad for the arts for years, but this is the first time they’ve been able to pull it off. More than 90 students have already signed up to be a Bruin Classy!

“The students deserve to be celebrated by the student body. This is stuff that they have poured their time into and it deserves to be admired,”Caleb said. “If you worked really hard on something and no one showed up, it would be a bummer. We just want to make sure that no one feels that way. We’ll get a bunch of kids to come and we want to be there to support the students.â€

This is such an amazing idea! We can’t believe no one has come up with it before, but hopefully these thoughtful teens have started a new trend to support the arts in other schools, too.

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