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Brothers Welcome Firstborn Sons On Exact Same Day… Just Hours Apart!

There are some coincidences that are so remarkable, we can’t believe they’re real!

Brothers George Robinson and Joe Robinson of Redditch, England have always been close. They work together, live near each other, and were recently both expecting their first sons with their respective partners just a few days apart. Then Joe’s wife, Ellie, went into labor five days early.

Reginald Geoffrey Robinson was born to Joe and Ellie at 3:48 a.m., a full five days before his expected due date. He was joined just a few hours later, at 6:05 a.m., by George and his partner Hayley Bocking’s son Oliver James!

The kicker? The same midwife delivered both of the babies during her shift at Worchestershire Royal Hospital. The day was already special for midwife Ami Turner because it also happened to be her 33rd birthday, but ushering cousins into the world in such a short period of time was incredibly momentous for her.

“It was amazing to be involved with both of the births from the same family on the same day,” said Ami. “It was just too special an occasion to miss out on and was the best way to spend my own birthday.”

Joe says that the coincidental births confused hospital workers because it was so unusual.

“The hospital staff were a bit confused about it – we kept getting questions about who we were and why we were there together, because you weren’t allowed any visitors,” he explained. “When we told them we were brothers and both of our partners were in labour they couldn’t get their heads around it.”

New grandmother Sarah Robinson looks forward to much more chaotic holidays now that her grandsons have arrived. Reginald and Oliver will have another sidekick in a few months because Joe and George’s older brother, Tom, is also expecting a child in September!

“It’s definitely going to be an expensive Christmas this year!” she said with a laugh.

We have a feeling these three boys are going to be triple trouble in a few year’s time! A small price to pay for such a bountiful blessing for any family.

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