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Little Brother Sends Insanely Heartwarming Text Convo To Sister, But Twitter Users Have The Funniest Responses!

Last week, twitter user @bellemunzo received a text message from her dad’s phone. She quickly realized it wasn’t her dad, but her little brother– Ryan– texting. “Hey sissy it’s Ryan. I just really miss you and love you” his text message began. What followed was possibly the cutest text conversation to ever take place.

Not only will Ryan’s words make you say “awww,” he’ll have you giggling with his dramatic prose. And the selfie at the end is definitely laugh-out-loud worthy. No matter your response to Ryan’s words, these screen shots will definitely have you wishing for a Ryan of your own! I mean what an exceptionally loving and well-spoken little kid!


I mean, look at that selfie. Come on!

When Belle tweeted screen shots of the conversation, other Twitter users immediately responded, noting how precious and perfect Ryan is.

But quickly following the onslaught of “omg so cute” responses came the envious responses– not that we blame anyone for coveting the precious little brother!

Twitter users were quick to point out that not every brother/sister relationship is so idyllic. Their stories contrasted with Belle’s tweet makes for the funniest picture of sibling relationships…

“Can’t relate.”

Well we can’t all get a Ryan!

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