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Brother Learns He’s Only Half Related To Big Sister, So He Writes Her Sweetest Note.

Parents often wait until their children are older and better able to absorb the news that they are not blood-related to the person they’ve been calling “Mom”or “Dad”their whole lives.

And no matter how well they take it, the news raises a whole host of other questions and feelings, not the least of which is how this might affect their relationships with their siblings.


Twitter user Pam’s brother recently learned that they’re half-siblings. The revelation probably turned his life upside down, at least for a little bit.

But did the news change how he felt about his big sis? Not one bit. And since sometimes it’s easier to put your feelings down on paper, that’s how he decided to let her know their half-sibling status wouldn’t change a thing.

pam tweet

When Pam came home one afternoon, she found a thoughtful note he’d penned, along with some of her favorite snacks. Naturally, the internet started bawling.

pam brother note

He wrote:

I just wanted to let you know how much I love you I don’t care what people say you are always going to be my sister my full blooded sister you are the best thing that happened to me I love you with all my heart thank you for helping me on my worst and thank you for leading me the right way I will always be there for you just like you always been there for me I love you

With love, your annoying brother.

Pam’s tweet has caught fire in recent days, and Twitter, of course, has lots to say about it, with a large number commiserating and sharing similar experiences:

little sisterhalf brother comment

Others were a little off subject, but their points are still valid:

no periods

And in case you’re wondering like others were, how he managed to distinguish between “you are” and “your,” but has the handwriting of a 6-year-old… as Pam says, he’s actually 17 – just has terrible penmanship!

pam tina family

Whether they’re full, half, or adopted, the love between brothers and sisters and all the other combination of siblings is truly unique and can’t be replaced. Share with one of your siblings to let them know you’ll always love them!

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