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Big Brother Comforts Sick Baby Sister & The Moment Will Melt Your Heart.

It’s not always easy being an older sibling, especially when your brother or sister is different. As the big brother and big sister you will be called on at times to help with caretaking duties, stand up to people who make cruel remarks, and any other duties that come with being older. It just comes with the territory, and some are better at taking on those new responsibilities than others.

Like John. It was clear from the very beginning that he takes his big brother duties seriously, and he’ll always have his little sister Clara’s back.


One-year-old Clara was born with dwarfism, but that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying all that life has to offer.

As her mom, Danielle Davis, wrote on Instagram on World Dwarfish Awareness Day back in October, people should never “underestimate someone who is a little different from you.”Just look at her sweet face!


Clara will do big things in her life, just like you or me, she will just find her own way of doing them!

But one day, Clara came down with the flu and had to be hospitalized. As her family waited around for the test results to come back, the baby girl just couldn’t seem to fall asleep.

That’s when Danielle peeked into the room where her son and daughter were waiting and witnessed the most tender-hearted and endearing scene, she immediately whipped out her camera and started filming.


The video’s only nine seconds long, but it speaks volumes about the love young John feels for his sickly sister. Seated on the floor, he cradles Clara in his lap and gently rocks her back and forth as she quietly sucks on her thumb.

Danielle posted the heart-warming clip on Instagram in early January, and it’s been viewed millions of times since, drawing numerous comments praising her skills in raising such a sweet and empathetic son:


Watch the clip below to see this sweet brother-sister moment, and remember to share to spread more sibling love.

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