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Brother And Sister Team Up To Rescue 100s Of Strays From The Streets Of Romania.

cats at Furever Home

Romania has one of the largest homeless pet populations in all of Europe.

More than 600,000 dogs and thousands of cats struggle to stay alive on the streets of their cities, and many are rounded up and euthanized instead of found new homes. One pair of siblings has taken the problem into their own hands, rescuing hundreds of animals and giving them a new chance for a happy life.

Remus Gall and his sister live in Carei, Romania. They grew up with cats, and they love and respect all animals. Seeing the dozens of injured, sick, and feral cats swarming their city’s streets left them determined to do something to help, so they started rescuing the animals themselves. In just a few years they’d already taken in over 200 cats and more than 30 dogs, all using their own money.

As their homegrown shelter, Furever Home, gets even more popular, they have decided to form a non-profit organization to collect donations to help ease their financial burden. Caring for shelter pets isn’t cheap, and every dollar counts!

The cats Remus and his sister help are all found on the streets of Carei and neighboring villages. They often trap feral animals in order to give them medical attention, but sometimes strangers dump unwanted pets right on their doorstep. Word has gotten out that they will help any animal that crosses their paths!

Each animal they rescue is given medical attention for the mange and other painful skin conditions they often suffer from. They’re all spayed or neutered, and sometimes Remus will even cook food for pets with special dietary restrictions. They currently have over 188 cats living in a crumbling shelter. They hope to raise about $9,000 to cover the cost of a new shelter space to house even more pets!

For anyone who’d like to help them with supplies, their biggest ask is for cat food, followed by money for vaccines and flea and tick treatments.

Every pet deserves a home, and this kind brother and sister duo are doing their part to end the rampant overbreeding that lead to this cat-astrophe! We’re incredibly proud of the way they’re being the change they want to see in the world.

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