Disfigured Pup Finds Forever Home And Becomes Therapy Dog To Help Others Feel Loved.

If it weren’t for his unique face, Brodie would look and act exactly like any other energetic one-year-old dog.


When he was just 13 days old, the German shepherd and border collie mix suffered an attack by his mother that left him permanently disfigured. The poor puppy’s cranium and face were badly broken, and he was left partially blind in one eye.

Although Brodie’s facial differences didn’t keep him from getting adopted from Old MacDonald Kennels in Albert, Canada, the first adoption wasn’t a good fit. Brodie was returned to the shelter after just 5 months in his new home because his owner thought he was too hyperactive for their home.

Being returned to the shelter turned out to be the best thing that could have happened for this special boy. When the shelter shared his pictures online, Amanda Richter and her boyfriend Brad Ames couldn’t stop thinking about him.

“I looked at his photos every day and even cried a few times. We felt drawn to him for some reason,” Amanda told Metro UK. “We met him, took him for a walk and hung out with him for a few hours and ended up bringing him home the same day because the rescue really felt we were a great fit.”

Amanda says Brodie fit right in at their house. He’s sharp as a tack and learns new tricks and commands within 10 minutes of training. Amanda and Brad admit that he is a bit hyper, but with love and patience he’s becoming a wonderful companion animal.

No one knows if he’ll have health problems down the line due to his early injuries, but for now he’s a healthy and happy guy who’s finding new purpose in his forever home. Amanda plans to train him as a therapy dog to help humans next, particularly those who also live with disabilities.

“We also hope that we can raise awareness for other special needs dogs and show people that just because someone or something looks different, they can be perfectly imperfect in their own unique way,” Amanda said.

You’ve come a long way, Brodie! We love that Brodie and his people are finding a way to make something positive out of what could be construed as a negative. What a beautiful way to give back!

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