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When Frazzled Mom Forgets Her Wallet, McDonald’s Cashier Makes Sweetest Offer.

Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can have the greatest impact.

Brittany Reed, a mom from Waynesville, Ohio, was at the end of her rope when she pulled into her local McDonald’s drive-thru window. Two of her three kids were in tears, and she’d had a stressful day. Luckily, a compassionate stranger was there to turn everything around!

The mom had just picked up her three little ones from football practice when her 4-year-old burst into tears out of sheer exhaustion. Her 7-year-old daughter soon joined in, crying over what they were supposed to have for dinner. Exasperated, Brittany decided to take them to McDonald’s instead.

The only problem was that in her haste to pick up her children, she had forgotten her purse. It wasn’t until she was facing the teenage cashier at the drive-thru window that she noticed it.

“I look at the young man with tears in my eyes just from being stressed and annoyed, and say, ‘Hun, I am so sorry, but I have to cancel that order. I left my purse at home when we went to football tonight,'” Brittany wrote on Facebook.

Without batting an eye, the young cashier pulled out his wallet and paid for the family’s meal.

Brittany protested his kindness, but he insisted and sent her on her way. She managed to catch his name, Wyatt Jones, and snapped a picture before heading home. Later, she returned to the restaurant with cash to repay him, with a little extra for his kindness.

In fact, she was so moved by his actions that she posted his picture along with the story on Facebook, hoping Wyatt’s parents would see it. He had, after all, turned her day around!

“I just want his parents to know how KIND & COMPASSIONATE your son was tonight!” she wrote. “He made this stressed-out momma pause for a moment and realize this is exactly what we parents are trying to do, raise great humans.”

His thoughtfulness helped her remember that no matter how bad things seem, most people are good at heart. Clearly, the internet agreed because her post went viral. That’s when Brittany started a GoFundMe for Wyatt and reached back out with a special message.

“You doing that meant so much to me and I never want you to lose that,” she said. “Always be the person with a kind heart and a big heart.”

The way Wyatt didn’t hesitate to give from his own paycheck says so much about his character. What a powerful reminder that we’re all on this wild ride we call life together!

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