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Catastrophe Averted! Tree-Cutting Pro Goes Out On A Limb To Rescue Terrified Kitty.

There’s more than one way to slay a dragon. Or, in this case, free a cat!

In a recent Facebook video appropriately entitled “Operation Kitty Rescue,” Brett Parker can be seen scaling a tree to save the desperate kitten who is stuck on a limb.

It all started four days prior when Grace Perrine’s cat chased a squirrel up a tree and refused to come back down. Scarlet, the calico kitten, clung to one of the branches and stayed put for the next four nights. Despite the lack of food and social isolation, Scarlet appeared too frightened to make a move. Even the efforts of local firefighters proved futile as Scarlet retreated further up the tree during an attempted rescue.

Grace turned to Facebook with her cat conundrum, and Brett soon stepped up to the challenge. As a tree disposal service worker at Match Cut Tree Bro’s LLC, Brett figured that the best way to extract Scarlet from the tree required a makeshift lasso device. Fortunately, his idea worked and the lasso did the trick!

As for Scarlet, her climbing days are gone with the wind. One risky adventure was, apparently, more than enough for this skittish feline.

We’re so glad she made it back down the tree in one adorable piece! Check out the video below and share with others to thank Brett for his heroic and inventive rescue.

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