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Toddler Insists On Joining Stranger Who Is Eating Alone And Now They’re BFFs!

There are times when we’re drawn to other people for reasons we can’t quite explain.

When Amy and Robert Wadford took their six kids out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant in Magee, Mississippi, they had no idea their 2-year-old would come away with a brand new best friend!

The family had just settled down at Fernando’s restaurant when little Brekken saw Ladarius Sandifer eating by himself at a nearby table. For reasons only the toddler understood, he felt compelled to join the stranger for a meal. The little boy began tapping his mother’s shoulder and begging to go sit with Ladarius.

When Amy told Brekken no, the boy began to cry and fuss. Amy was about to take him out to the car to calm him down when Ladarius noticed the commotion.

“He tapped his mom about four times and told his mom, ‘I want to sit with him, Mommy,’ and I told them just to bring him on over here,” Ladarius explained.

“Brekken instantly stopped crying and sat and ate chips and salsa and had conversation with him until he was ready to go,” Amy wrote on Facebook. “Brekken was completely content and told him bye like he had known him his whole life. It’s the small things!”

Ladarius and Brekken shared a simple conversation about the cars in the parking lot while munching away. By the time the Wadford family left, Brekken and Ladarius were great friends, so they exchanged contact information and decided to keep in touch.

“We definitely could have said, ‘No, you can’t sit with him. Absolutely not,’ but it was hurting nothing. We were all there. Sometimes people need that to brighten their day,” Amy said.

Her Facebook post about Brekken and Ladarius’ dinner quickly went viral, and it’s easy to see why! “He didn’t have to do what he did but completely made Brekken’s whole day,” the grateful mom added.

Little Brekken was certain that Ladarius could use company that night, and it turns out he was right. Some friendships are just meant to be!

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