Brave woman received shots in her head for 9 yrs, now makes gut-wrenching, inspiring decision.

Becky is a beautiful girl. And she might look like normal by all accounts… but she’s faced more than most people can comprehend.


Since her teenage years, she has struggled with a very serious disease. It’s called Alopecia Areata, and it is an auto-immune disease that is painful emotionally and physically.

When she was just in high school, chunks of her hair began falling out without explanation. Becky reveals that a time during the Christmas holiday is still an unforgettable memory, when her boyfriend accidentally pulled out “a huge chunk of hair,” almost bringing her to tears.

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Image via YouTube

The change in her appearance of course impacted Becky’s self-confidence. But more than that, the thought of losing her femininity inflicted emotional anxiety and pain for Becky.

After 9 years of steroids shots in her head every 3 weeks, this brave girl has finally decided to make a huge change in her life – to accept who she is and shave what was left of her hair; the thing that she’s been trying so desperately to keep.

“Losing my hair from Alopecia Areata was always unpredictable, but the idea of shaving my head was a way to take control,” Becky said.

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