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Brave Little Girl Sets Fear Aside, Makes Absolutely Adorable Leap Of Faith.

little girl makes leap of faith

Taking a leap of faith certainly isn’t easy! If it were easy, it wouldn’t be a leap. It’s not called a casual stroll of faith now is it? In case you needed a little something to urge you to take that leap of faith, take a few notes from little Bella. 

little girl prepares to jump into water

In this adorable video you can feel the uncertainty Bella is experiencing at the prospect of jumping from a dock into the water. Decked out in her blue life vest and showered with encouragement, Bella paces. 

What you can also palpably feel while watching is the growth and development of Bella’s confidence and courage at the prospect of jumping. 

She is surrounded by a support system, and encouraged with chants of “You can do it!” by those around her. 

With a final few reverberating exclamations of “I got this!” Bella squats down and leaps! And when she looks up at the camera, pure joy is written all over her face. 

little girl excited after jumping into water

With such a simple act, Bella spells out a grander, overarching message to everyone who sees this video: You got this. Every obstacle seems bigger while you’re looking up at it, but you got this. Just take a deep breath and remember that you can do it! Take it from Bella, you’ll feel exuberant once you finally take that leap of faith you’ve been putting off.

If you need a little extra bravery today… I’m sure you can borrow it from Bella! Watch her daring feat below.

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