Country Girl Chose An Old Church Hymn, Can’t Believe Judges’ Response By The End.

Brandi Love in X Factor audition

When Brandi Love stepped on stage as a contestant for The X Factor USA, the judges already gave her a compliment, “That’s a pop star name” says Simon Cowell. Little did he know what a star she would be.

The 21 year old young woman with a thick Southern accent chose to perform “Up To The Mountain,” an old hymn. Her choice surprised judges– who expected her to sing a country song– but the judges quickly fell in love. “Brandi, you just took us to church” says Simon, “I predict great things for Brandi Love.” Demi Lovato praised the singer’s ability to blend her country style with the soul of the song: “I’m from Texas, and you just took me home!”

As much as Brandi loves hearing the judges’ praise, it’s the audience reaction that you can tell really moves her. Everyone is on their feet after her performance, and Brandi is overjoyed. Her joy is so contagious, it’s impossible not to be excited for this humble young woman.

And, of course, we can’t forget about mom. Brandi’s mom– standing with the rest of the family backstage– is adorable. “C’mon, baby!” she shouts at the beginning of Brandi’s audition, “Sing it!” After Brandi hits the big note in her song, Brandi’s mom is backstage praying, “Thank you, Lord!”

Check it out below and share her song today!

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