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Boy Asks Stepdad To Adopt Him With Emotional Video That Has Everyone In Tears.

There’s no shortage of adoption videos across the internet. Do a quick Google search and you’re bound to find something to give you a smile!

Still, not all videos are created equal! This past year, one little boy gave his step-dad a gift that moved him to tears and changed his life forever (and has left everyone on the internet moved to tears).


In the video, the stepson/dad duo are sitting on the couch watching a slideshow the boy made for his stepdad thanking him for everything the’s done. He thanks him for treating him like his own son, expresses gratitude for when his stepdad is “hard on him”, and credits him for teaching him how to be a man.

As the stepdad watches the video, he continuously wipes tears from his eyes with the young boy smiling on the couch next to him. As the video wraps up, the stepdad is posed with a simple question: Will You Adopt Me?


That’s when the tears really start falling!


The stepdad hugs his stepson and gathers his composure before opening a gift he had been holding – which is revealed to be adoption papers for him to sign and make it official.

He’s so emotional over the sweet gesture that he’s physically shaking and having a hard time signing the documents. Eventually, though, he signs on the dotted line – making his stepson his now adopted son!


The whole family cheers as his son has one more antic up his sleeve – he puts a Christmas bow on his head to symbolize that he is his dad’s present.


Watch the heartwarming Christmas morning video below (just be sure to grab some tissues before you do!) & don’t forget to share with your friends!

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