Little Boy Uses Doorbell Cam To Ask Dad For Help With TV And The Video Is Adorable.

Ring cameras are a great way to keep an eye on the house when you can’t be there. But as one smart kid learned, they work just as well as cellphones!

In November 2018, a little boy from Haslett, Michigan, decided to watch TV at home while his mom visited a friend across the street. The only problem was that he didn’t know how to turn his favorite channel on. Rather than ask his mom for help, he had a better idea: He could call his dad on the doorbell cam!

The cutie couldn’t be happier to hear his dad come on the line! In a video, his patient father calls him “Baby Gracie” and asks what he’s up to. Instead of answering, the little one’s face lights up as he proclaims, “I love you!” Then he covers the camera with kisses.

At first, his dad is worried something is wrong, but his son quickly explains that Mom gave him permission to come home by himself. That’s when he arrives at the burning question: “How do you turn on the kids’ channel?”

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His dad laughs, clearly amused. He thinks it’s Channel 25, but that’s not exactly helpful.

“I don’t know what 25 looks like!” his son says.

While he’s a little frustrated, he lets off some steam with silly close-ups of his face in the camera lens. After another round of giggles, his dad finally regains his composure and comes up with a solution.

“Get the remote for the TV and press the number two and the number five and point it at the TV. That should work for you.”

With his problem solved, the boy thanks his dad with another kiss, a “love you,” and a wave. Could he be any cuter?

Clearly, this is a child who adores his dad! Something tells us he just wanted an excuse to call him and express his love.

Watch their adorable exchange in the video below, and share this story with other parents to make them smile.

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