Low-Income Kids Given Their Dream Christmas Gifts, Then Asked To Give Them Up In Heartwarming Video.

boy and girl with shocked open mouth faces

When we think of Christmas we think of beautifully decorated trees, with presents surrounding the base, and anxious kids ready to tear into everything they wrote on their list to Santa. The sad truth is, that isn’t what many kids across America have experienced. Many children are lucky to get one present to open on Christmas and it may not be what their little heart desires.

UPTV came up with a test to see what kids from ‘The Boys & Girls Club’ in Atlanta would do if faced with a decision to get an awesome present or give a gift to a loved one. .

The kids from the ‘Metro Boys & Girls Club’ all come from low-income families, some of which can’t even afford to buy a Christmas tree, let alone presents. UPTV handed the joyful kids presents like a computer, a XBox 360, Barbie Dream House and Legos.

boy and girl with shocked open mouth faces

Then the kids had a bomb dropped on them – keep their dream present or give it up so that their parents could have a present for Christmas.


The results will bring tears to your eyes. Every kid has a heart of generosity as they sacrifice their present so that their parents who normally open nothing on Christmas can have a gift.

“Legos don’t matter,” said one boy. “Your family matters, not legos, not toys. So it’s either family or legos and I choose family.”

Then the kids got the best surprise at all. Since they decided to give up their gift, they got to go home with both their gift and the gift for their parents!


We could all learn a great lesson of sacrificial giving from these kids!

Watch the heartwarming video below.

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