What A Morning In Amish Country Taught Me About Life.

amish country

Until you’re in the stillness of the moment, you may not realize how much your body and soul needs that stillness.

This morning, I woke up to the sound of an Amish buggy making its way down a still country road at an Amish Country cabin. That sound was the best alarm clock I’ve ever had. My eyes opened as the horses’ hooves were hitting the pavement. I felt so out of my element and it was the best feeling, ever

I couldn’t let go of this feeling all day, which is why I’m writing this short, but meaningful story. I am also bottling this feeling up and taking it with me back to the city.

This feeling will be a reminder to never allow life to overwhelm me. Life is meant to be cherished and every moment is meant to be relished. We cannot relish in chaos. We should not relish in stress. We cannot relish in trying to cram every activity in before we rest our heads on soft cotton pillows.

We must remember to soak it all in. We must remember to count to ten. We must remember to relax and breath the fresh air that surrounds us.

Because we’re tired

We may not realize it, but most of us are professional runners, professionals crammers, professional high achievers, professionals doers. We never seem to stop or pause, if even for a moment. What’s so critical about not pausing, for just a moment, is that one day, this fast-paced life will pass us by and we may be looking back wishing we would have savored the moments of our lives more.

This approach may be too literal, but it needs to be done in order to truly grasp the weight of the moment.

This morning, as I was eating my bread, fresh out of the oven, with apple butter spread, I chewed it extra-slowly. I literally savored every bite. I stared out the window and really studied the presence of the horses passing by. I dug my toes deep into the couch cushion. I was still.

As I took time to “just be,” I realized how peaceful I was and how happy I felt. I also realized that most days my head is spinning. As I go from one thing to the next, I’m forgetting to truly appreciate this beautiful life around me. I’m forgetting to soak up every small moment. Perhaps, spending a few days in very close proximity with a culture known for its calm way of life is why feelings of peace and calmness are waking up inside me. Most of us know the importance of stopping to smell the roses, but the pace of our lives often makes us easily forget that lesson.

Today serves as a reminder for me to always find ways to be still.

Felicia Naoum

Perhaps, reflecting upon the memories I’m making today will be a lifelong reminder to smell every rose, soak in every sunrise and sunset, and drown in the flavor of delicious foods and moments instead of scarfing them all down because as I was also reminded in my quaint, aesthetically pleasing cabin by the water, today is all we really have. 

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