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Man Recreates 11 Famous Romantic Movie Scenes With His Boss’s Dog.

man recreating kiss scene from 'the notebook'

When Chris Naka’s boss started bringing her dog, Wrigley, to work, a special bond between Chris and Wrigley was born. Where others saw a 13-year-old dog, Chris saw an opportunity to reenact scenes from some of Hollywood’s greatest romances.

It all started when Chris and his coworkers came up with a recreation of the “I’m flying, Jack” scene from Titanic, complete with wind blowing through Wrigley’s hair (ear). From there, the project kept growing.

It helps that Chris works in a creative industry– for the Blue Man Group theatre company in Chicago– but he says many of their ideas were suggestions: “We started taking the photos during the last five minutes of our lunch and it just took off from there.” he told Today, “Someone printed a bunch of our early pictures, posted them in the green room, and folks from all over the theatre started sending emails with movie suggestions.”

Check out 11 scenes from romance movies– starring Chris and Wrigley– below, in order of each film’s release!

1. The Graduate, 1967

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