I Was Born To Be A Mother, But I Am Far From Perfect.

born to be mom

I was born to be a mother.

I always knew I wanted kids. There were dark times in my life where I thought I couldn’t or shouldn’t — and it made me give up a little. I am a natural caregiver. It’s the one thing that always came easily to me.

The first time I held my first born, my feelings were confirmed. I felt at home with her. I didn’t mind the diaper changes and sleepless nights because she was there with me. I loved every inch of her — the sweet scent of her head, and her itty-bitty toes — she entranced me.

And with each passing year, my love has only grown.

I was born to be a mother, but I am far from perfect.

I don’t cook. I can hardly make grilled cheese on a good day.

I had latching problems while breastfeeding with each of my babies.

During rest time, while my middle child and the newborn nap, I let my oldest child watch YouTube so I can breathe for a minute.

I order every birthday present on Amazon, and I pay the $3.99 extra for a gift bag because I can’t wrap for the life of me.

There are days where I can’t wait until it’s bedtime.

There are days where I lose it.

I was born to be a mother, but that doesn’t mean I am not other things, too.

As mothers, we are more than this person that would do anything for her babies.

We are in the work world.

We are activists.

We are writers.

We are cooks.

We are anything we want to be.

Though being a mother is now our most important role.

Danielle Sherman-Lazar

Even us mothers, the ones who have wanted this forever, who love anything baby more than anything on this earth — are imperfect.

There are all kinds of mothers, but in our own way, we were born to be one.

Because everything imperfect is itself, and being you is the best way to mother.

That and giving an overabundance of love.

Because if you give these things — yourself and your heart — you were born to be a mother.

This story originally appeared on Living A FULL Life

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