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Inseparable Rescue Dogs Find Their Forever Home After 347 Days In Animal Shelter.

two bonded black dogs standing on grass

The day a rescue dog gets to leave an animal shelter and move into their forever home is a day of celebration! But for some pups, it feels as though that moment will never come.

That’s what happened with Donna and Karan. The 4- and 5-year-old mixed breed pups are absolutely adorable, but their journey to adoption was filled with challenges.

The pair arrived at the Licking County Humane Society in Ohio last year after they were transferred from another shelter. It quickly became clear that these two were “bonded” – a term used to describe pets who are so close that it would be best if they were adopted into the same home.

As sweet as that sounds, it makes it far more difficult for them to get adopted. Many families would love to take home more than one furry friend, but it’s something that not many people are capable of doing. On top of that, Donna and Karan struggled to stand out from the other dogs. When the others would play and interact with potential families, these precious pups laid low.

“They are on the shy side to start and are getting overlooked. But our staff and volunteers will tell you that once they hang out for a bit with you they become the most affectionate and playful duo!” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “They will truly make your home such a happy one.â€

That wasn’t the only thing keeping families from choosing this delightful duo. Because of their skittish personalities, they need to live in a specific kind of environment – a quiet home with a fence that didn’t include small children or rowdy pets.

Of course, the shelter knew Donna and Karan were just as lovable as any of their other dogs, so they showcased the besties on Facebook.

“They love playing fetch, chasing each other around the yard, giving the sweetest kisses to you, and snuggling together for naps,” the shelter said.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Still, no one was willing to adopt these precious pups. Just as their one-year anniversary at the shelter approached, it finally happened! The perfect family came along and gave Donna and Karan their forever home. Now, these best friends not only have parents, but they also received two new siblings!

“Karan & Donna (on the bottom) have spent the last 347 days waiting for their furever home. Today they joined their two new canine siblings with the Peori/Humbert family!” the shelter wrote. “Thank you so much for choosing to rescue this special needs bonded pair!”

We’re so glad these two are together where they belong! Share this story to celebrate Donna and Karan’s perfect family.

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