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93-Year-Old Passes Out Hershey’s Chocolate Bars To Strangers Every Day.

There’s a reason TV and movies show people going for a piece of chocolate after a bad day – it’s delicious and brings a smile to your face. Chocolate definitely doesn’t hurt at the end of a long day, but that’s just one of many little excuses to indulge now and then.

93-Year-Old Bob Williams knows how much people love chocolate, which is why he has been passing around Hershey’s bars to strangers every day for the past 11 years.

old man buys chocolate for strangers

Williams has handed out more than 6,000 chocolate bars to strangers in Long Grove, Iowa. Whenever the Dollar General is running a special on Hershey bars, he stops in and buys a few boxes. After he checks out, he always gives a bar to the cashier(s) and one to the person behind him. Then, he passes out the rest as he goes on with his day.

He even has a stash of bars in his freezer at home, just in case he sees someone who could use some chocolate after he’s already passed out his daily batch.


Williams is known as the “Candy Man” around town. In a video Hershey’s posted to its website, strangers thank Williams for his kindness and even offer him hugs. After one woman hugs him, he proudly says, “see, that’s the reaction I get!”

He doesn’t have a formula for who he gives the treats to. If he sees someone who looks like they could use something to lift his spirits he hands them a bar. According to his former co-worker, Williams will “leave [bars with people] and say ‘you give that to someone who you know needs a smile on their face today.'” She went on to say that he has become a “presence” in the community and that “the perfect word” for him would be “legend.”

Hershey’s seems to agree that he’s a legend, because the chocolate company has promised to send Williams “all the bars he’ll ever need.”


Hershey’s Chief Marketing Officer said that Williams has become their “north star.” In fact, the company is so inspired by Williams that in honor of Milton Hershey’s 161st birthday, they  sent their employees to follow in his footsteps and hand out chocolate bars to those who could use a pick-me-up … including those affected by Hurricane Florence.

We only hope we can cross paths with Williams some day – and not just for the chocolate.

See a little bit of the impact he has in the community in the video below. Spread the love and share this story of kindness with your friends!

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