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They Blindfolded Strangers And Had Each Describe The Other, The Moment They Come Off Is Truly Beautiful.

Each life is unique in its own way, but the depth and breadth of other’s relationships, interests and dreams are just as dynamic as your own.

In this social experiment conceived by Take A Second Look, strangers from all walks of life meet for the first time… but from behind a blindfold. They talk about life, love, and dreams, asking questions like “What’s most important to you?” and “How would you change the world?”

The moment the blindfolds come off is a special one indeed. Each person was shocked to see the one standing before them¬†looked nothing like they’d imagined.

Take a minute and drink in the goodness below. It can be automatic to judge a book by its cover, but take this example and know people are rarely what they seem to be.


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