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Blindfolded Dancers Leave Howie Mandel No Choice But To Hit The Golden Buzzer.

A two-photo collage. The first shows Howie Mandel mid hitting the Golden Buzzer on "AGT." Simon Cowell looks on, mouth open in shock. The second photo shows a man leading a group of blindfolded dancers.

Last night, the “America’s Got Talent” stage was taken over by a dance group like they had never seen before. The French group, Murmuration, is made up of 65 talented folks. Sadeck Berrabah, seemingly the lead choreographer, stood in front of the rest of the group who were lined up behind him. Once the performance began, all the dancers except Sadeck put on blindfolds.

Even when unable to see, members of Murmuration had no problem staying perfectly in sync with one another, their movements limited to their arms and heads. Each elegant movement meshed seamlessly with the rhythmic and oddly calming music.

“I was mesmerized,” Howie Mandel said. “I find what you do hypnotic, and I think it’s very original. And I find it almost more magnificent when you get a large group of people and the movements are smaller but perfect. You know? It blew me away.”

Mandel was so moved by Murmuration, he found himself standing up in order to do his own version of their dance. What seemed like just a silly bit, however, quickly turned into a life-changing moment. In an instant, Mandel pushed the Golden Buzzer, sending this talented group straight to the live shows!

Looks of utter shock filled each dancer’s face, and tears of joy soon followed. Even Mandel’s fellow judges were taken aback by his sudden decision!

Watch Murmuration’s unforgettable Golden-Buzzer worthy performance below.

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