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Visually Impaired Man Says “The Magic Won’t Work For Me” — Magician Proves Him Wrong

Images show a blind man telling a magician that the magic won't work for him.

Kevin Li is a professional magician. He has performed on America’s Got Talent and is the youngest magician to beat Penn and Teller on their TV show “Fool Us.” Kevin has appeared on almost every major broadcast station, including CBS, CW, and Fox. One of his favorite performances was when he made the magic happen for a blind man.

Magic often relies on visual cues. When the blind man told Kevin that magic wouldn’t work on him because of his visual impairment, Kevin set out to prove him wrong. Using touch, Kevin performed a trick for the man that had the whole audience applauding.

Magician Kevin Li performs a special trick for a blind patron at one of his magic shows.
Image from Instagram.

Kevin took the man’s declaration as a challenge. It did not take long for the magician to come up with something. Kevin handed the blind man two quarters and told him to select one. After verifying that the two quarters were identical, the man chose the quarter in his left hand. The magician had the blind man mark it with a black marker. The marking was verified by an unseen person named Beck across the table. Then Kevin firmly placed the quarter in the man’s hand, helping him tightly wrap his fingers around it. Then Kevin told the man to visualize the coin heating up.

Left image shows Kevin Li asking the blind man to hold a coin tightly. Right image shows Kevin Li and the blind patron as the blind man's hand begin smoking during the magic trick.
Images from Instagram.

Smoke began coming from the blind man’s hands as the magic trick progressed.

Image shows a close up the blind man's smoking hands during the magic trick.
Image from Instagram.

Although he couldn’t see the smoke rising from his hands, the blind man said he could feel the coin heating up. The magic trick was in full swing. The blind man was told to “wiggle the coin” in his fingers to help the magic happen.

Surprising The Blind Man When The Magic Did Work For Him!

The magician asked if the blind man felt the coin getting softer. He said it did feel a little softer. Then, the blind man opened his hands to reveal the magic. Feeling the “coin,” the blind man realizes it is no longer a quarter but a quarter-size piece of light-colored rubber with a dark-colored mark. The blind man uses his hands to “see” the magic, so it doesn’t appear well in the video. The amazement on his face as he says, “I don’t know how you did that” tells the story of what we don’t see.

Kevin Li is a dedicated professional. He wanted the blind man to experience the magic of the evening and then made it happen. In a field that typically relies on visual cues, Kevin found a way to help a blind man “see” magic using touch. If you enjoyed this, please share it with a friend.

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