Blind Girl’s Drumming Skills Take Center Stage During Her Favorite Movie, “Moana.”

View of a little girl from behind as she stands right in front of a TV playing "Moana." She is hitting the entertainment center the TV is on like it's a drum.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over when a little kid somehow possesses a level of talent that most of us take years to reach — and that’s exactly why I’m happy to share with you this video of a little girl named Alayna. She has a TikTok account that is run by her Mom. Here, you’ll find several videos showcasing her musical abilities, a skill she shows off even while watching movies.


And who could blame her? The soundtrack of “Moana” is perfect for this budding drummer. In the video, Alayna, who is blind, has placed herself right in front of the television, which is conveniently on an entertainment center with multiple levels. This is convenient because each one makes a different sound when hit, making it the perfect pseudo drum.

As thousands of folks have pointed out, Alayna not only matched the rhythm of “You’re Welcome,” but she also recognized the pitch of the song and knew when to put more emphasis on certain notes. Truly, this is only the beginning for this talented kid!

Watch Alayna’s perfect addition to “You’re Welcome” from “Moana” in the video below.

@the.alaynashow Drumming to my favorite movie at my Lela house. #drummer #blind #blindmusician #music #musicismylife #toddlerlife #moanamovie #disney #onh ♬ original sound – Alayna’s Show 🎶👩🏻‍🦯

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