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“Blessing” Barber Finds Sweetest Way To Give Haircuts To Scared Child With Autism.

Ree barber cutting autistic boys hair

“Getting haircuts can be scary and even traumatizing for someone diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder,” mom LaQuista Erinna wrote on YouTube. Her son Jack is 6 years old and is on the autism spectrum. He really doesn’t like loud noises or hair touching his skin, so getting a haircut can be incredibly hard on both him and his mother. Thankfully, they found a hairstylist who understands Jack’s fears and never forces him to sit quietly in her chair.

LaQuista said finding Ree has been “a blessing to our family,” and a recent video she took of one of their haircut sessions shows why she feels that way. In it, Ree performs Jack’s haircut while standing up. The two of them move all around the room, making a game out of avoiding the clumps of hair that have fallen on the floor. Ree keeps the mood upbeat and fun the entire time, and Jack seems to be having a good time while facing his fears!

“When your kid is on the spectrum, people don’t want to be bothered,” LaQuinta wrote. “She’s always been so patient and kind to Jack-Jack. Yesterday was an epic meltdown. I usually have to do some coaching to get him in the chair. He will put on his headphones, and we power through. Yesterday he forgot his headphones, and it went downhill fast.”

Thankfully, Ree was there to save the day! LaQuinta has been bombarded with messages of support since the video went viral, and she’s taking the opportunity to start a GoFundMe for Ree, whose business has been impacted by the pandemic.

Watch Ree in action in the video below, and be sure to share this story to thank her for being so kind and considerate to an anxious little boy.

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