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Dance Group’s Mesmerizing Audition Has Judge Reaching For The Golden Buzzer.

Sometimes, the smallest movements onstage have the biggest impact on the audience.

In 2019, a group of dancers from the Urban Theory school in Vallecrosia, Italy, earned a Golden Buzzer on “Italia’s Got Talent.” While they didn’t win the competition, their success inspired them to come back in 2021 with an even more mesmerizing routine!

Calling themselves Black Widow, the group of students performed a simple yet riveting routine that kept all four judges on the edge of their seats. Each of their movements was perfectly synchronized, and they flowed through their act with a grace that gave the whole performance a dream-like quality.

Italian-American judge Joe Bastianich seemed especially impressed with Black Widow, encouraging the audience to give them a standing ovation when they were done.

Bastianich may have been eying the Golden Buzzer, which launches an act straight to the finals, but it was fellow judge and Italian record producer Mara Maionchi who beat him to it.

The dancers were overjoyed when Maionchi hit the buzzer, sending golden confetti fluttering down on them from above. “You’ve been too good.¬†You don’t have to thank me, you have to thank yourself for making me hit the Golden Buzzer,” she said.

Each of the judges had words of praise for the dancers. Swimming champion Frank Matano even called their dance “a stratospheric piece.”

As for Bastianich, he was only a little mad that Maionchi beat him to the Golden Buzzer. “I’ve never seen such a thing, I was amazed,” he told them in Italian. “I also thought about the Golden Buzzer, Mara beat me.”

It’s rare to see an act that wows all four judges on any talent competition, so you know Black Widow is something special! Now that they’re in the finals, we can’t wait to see what incredible masterpieces of movement and sound they’ll treat us to next.

See Black Widow in action the video below, and don’t forget to share this story.

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