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Bitey The T-Rex Toy Gets A Job At Domino’s While Waiting For His Humans To Return.

Bitey the dinosaur toy works at Domino's for the night

Most parents have experienced that sinking feeling of knowing your child left an important item behind. Whether it’s a favorite stuffed teddy bear or a plastic action figure, there will be no peace at home until your child is reunited with their favorite toy!

A Domino’s Pizza branch in New Zealand recently received a call about a dinosaur toy for this exact reason. When staff members realized they did indeed have “Bitey” the T-Rex in their possession, they decided to put him to work!

“Last week, one of our stores received a worried call asking to check if ‘Bitey’ the T-Rex had been left in the foyer after his family had picked up pizzas that evening,” Domino’s New Zealand wrote on Facebook. “Sure enough, Bitey was there!”

They went on to say that it was almost closing time, so they told Bitey’s family to pick him up tomorrow. That’s when Bitey rolled up his tiny sleeves and got to work! After getting his very own name tag, he learned how to make some tasty pizza.

After getting saucy in the kitchen, Bitey got a lesson on phone etiquette and taking orders from hungry customers. He wasn’t very good at dialing the phone on account of his short arms, but he turned out to be terrific at making witty banter.

Like any good restaurant worker, Bitey took on dishwashing duty that night. We love the cute little cardboard hat they crafted for him, too!

After washing up, it was back to making pizzas. It’s a good thing Bitey is made of plastic and doesn’t actually eat food or else those pizzas wouldn’t have lasted two minutes. As it is, Bitey didn’t eat a bite!

The restaurant reported, “… he was sent home with plenty of stories to tell about his first shift at Domino’s the next day.”

We love that this Domino’s crew took some time out of their night to have fun with this child’s toy. Bitey has our vote for employee of the month!

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