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10-Yr-Old Invents Device To Prevent Hot Car Deaths After Neighbor’s Baby Dies Of Heat Stroke.

With high temperatures across the country during the summer months, it can almost be too much to sit in a car even with the air conditioning on full blast. But sitting in a car that’s not running the a/c can be deadly.

This is especially true for young children who do not have the ability to get out of the car on their own. According to a meteorologist at San Jose State University, as many as 39 children died last year from heat stroke after being left in a car.

Last summer, a 10-year-old from McKinney, Texas named Bishop Curry, V heard about three children in his area who all died from hot car related deaths; one child was just 6 months old and had lived down the street from Bishop.

Bishop knew he had to do something to protect not only his own baby sister but as many children as possible.


Bishop got to work creating a clay prototype of his solution to the problem– an invention that he has named “Oasis.” Oasis attaches either to or nearby a car seat and detects when a young child has been left in a car alone without an adult. If Oasis detects danger for the baby, it will automatically alert the parents and turn on a fan to help keep the child cool while they wait for their mom or dad to save them.

New York Post

Even though Oasis sounds like the answer to stopping so many heat-related deaths, Bishop says that he’s not entirely done building on his idea.

His big dreams include inventing an entire car seat that has the ability to connect to a vehicle and turn on the entire car air conditioning automatically.


Currently Bishop and his family have a GoFundMe page where they are raising money to fund Bishop’s inventing. Bishop has far surpassed his goal of $20k by reaching over $48,000 in six months’ time.

Bishop plans to use that money to pay for the costs of applying for and receiving a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Once the patent has been finalized, he plans to use the rest of the money to begin the manufacturing process for Oasis.


For Bishop, the pain of losing his grandfather when he passed away was incredibly hard to get through. “I know what it feels like to lose a family member that’s really close to you,” said Bishop. “I don’t want anybody else to feel that.”

This young boy’s heart for saving the lives of children across the country is truly inspiring.

Share his story today and spread awareness for Bishop’s cause.

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