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Birthday Gifts? Not For This 11-Yr-Old Who Wants To Feed Hungry Neighbors!

Isaac Winfield of Friends of Isaac food Bank

Times are tough all over the world, but a child in Worcestershire, England is working to ease the burden for people in his community.

When Isaac Winfield learned that his school wasn’t offering food bank services during the COVID-19 lockdowns, he took matters into his own hands. Just 9 years old at the time, Isaac gathered donations of food, toiletries, and other necessities in a makeshift bank in a greenhouse at his own home.

Isaac’s parents supported his mission to help people in need by erecting a new shed in their yard to house the donations. The “Friends of Isaac Food Bank” has been operating since 2020, and it’s open 24 hours a day for anyone who needs a little help.

As the cost of groceries continues to rise due to global inflation, so did the needs of people in Isaac’s community. When his 11th birthday drew near, Isaac refused to ask for a single item for himself, asking instead for food bank donations.

“He just wanted to get as many donations in as possible to help as many people as he can,” said his mother, Claire Winfield. “I see roughly five visitors a day. The shed is always open and they don’t need to knock and I know we get visitors who come late at night and avoid seeing people.”

Isaac and his family anticipates the need for food and supplies to get worse as the colder winter months arrive. The boy has asked for specific donations to combat the cold, such as warm clothing, boots, and pet food.

Isaac’s food bank now has corporate sponsors and works with a charity called Building Bridges. They also received a donated van from YouTube celebrity Mark McCann. He even won a local business award, which has helped him feel more confident in his mission. Claire says she’s not surprised by her son’s kindness towards others.

“Isaac’s always been very kind-hearted,” said the proud mom. “Anything he comes across he always wants to stop and help. I’m very blessed.”

Isaac is hoping to open a second food bank in his town within the next few months. This is one motivated and empathetic young hero!

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