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Tough Bikers “Take Over” Girls’ Lemonade Stand, Now The Video Is Going Viral.

Those big, bad bikers are at it again — and this time, it’s just too cute for words. But don’t tell them that because, you know, they have a rep to protect.

On a bright, late spring day in Des Moines, Iowa, several years back, Karla and DeKarlo Long’s two little girls were struck with the entrepreneurial spirit. And what better way to let that spirit soar than with a good ol’, time-honored lemonade stand?

The sisters must’ve been pretty excited as they went about setting up shop, topping the table with little paper cups and a pitcher filled with ice cubes and lemonade.


Maybe it was homemade, maybe store-bought. Either way, they probably imagined making enough money to maybe buy a pint or two of ice cream and perhaps even go see a movie.

So you can imagine their shock when dozens of bikers roared up their street and parked curbside:


No, they weren’t there to steal these little girls’ hard-earned money. These bikers were with the international gang Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), which works to highlight the evils of child abuse and advocates on behalf of victims.


But the group supports any number of causes that benefit children, and apparently supporting these girls’ lemonade stand was on that day’s agenda. Needless to say, their dad was pleased as punch (lemonade?) with the whole thing and got it all of camera, which he then shared on Facebook:


Watch this duo’s shock-and-awe response during this surprise visit, and share to spread smiles!

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