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What’s Your Biggest Regret? Strangers Seems To Agree On This 3-Letter Word.

A woman writing "Write your biggest regret" on a large chalkboard outside in NYC.

On a random street in New York City, a compelling prompt, written on a large chalkboard, awaited passersby: “What’s your biggest regret?”

You’d think that the answers given would vary greatly, as everyone has their own unique struggles, right? But as more responses were given, a theme quickly appeared.

The majority of folks who confessed didn’t regret what they had done, but rather, what they had not done. Each person, in some way or another, used the word “not” to describe their situation. Examples include, “Not applying to med school” and “Not saying ‘I love you.'”

The message behind this social experiment encourages a feeling a confidence. It reminds us that there are always going to be new opportunities that won’t lead to regret… if we take the chance.

So don’t miss out. Go. Try. Do! Let’s avoid regret today!

Watch this compelling experiment unfold below, and don’t forget to share to inspire others to take chances.

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