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There’s Nothing Cookie-Cutter About Weight Loss — That’s Why We Love This Book!

Woman holding her Beyond Body book

If “one size fits all” worked for weight loss, we’d all be shedding pounds with ease. That’s clearly not the case since so many people struggle to achieve a healthy weight and fitness level.

Every human body (and mind!) is unique, so diet and exercise plans that try to force us to eat, think, and work out the same as everyone else simply don’t work. Not only that, but if lifestyle changes feel unnatural or forced, we probably won’t keep doing them for long enough to establish healthy habits for life.

woman holding a Beyond Body book.
Beyond Body

If only healthy living came with an instructional handbook for your unique body and mind, right? Well… what if we told you one exists? Meet Alicia, who turned her life (and health) around thanks to this guide:

Dieting all the time, I thought, was normal.

Back then, my friends probably would have said that dieting was one of my hobbies… But deep down, I hated everything about my lifestyle and body.

I remember dieting for my friend’s wedding. I intentionally bought a dress one size too small. That’s how determined I was to lose weight before that special night.

I was already exhausted from eating very bland foods and drinking nothing but water that day. My mood was horrible. Everything and everyone made me irritable. I was crying from exhaustion and felt the urge to fix this ASAP. As always, a binge craze kicked in, and I stopped resisting.

There’s a grocery store just down the street. I quickly put a jacket over my pj’s and strolled over there. Almost overjoyed that I would get some sugar again. And indeed I did. Four packs of chocolate chip cookies and one cola bottle later, I was lying on the bed with a stomach ache, feeling sorry for myself. Again.

I knew binge eating was not only making me gain weight but also causing serious health issues. At that point, my hair was falling out like crazy. And my skin was almost grayish looking. All that sugar I was consuming daily caused breakouts on my face, making me look like a spotted teenager again.

Let’s just say I didn’t look as radiant and beautiful as I expected on my friend’s wedding day.

Oh, and of course, I had to buy another dress last minute because I couldn’t fit into the smaller one. I held my breath as I tried to squeeze my bum into it, but the zipper just wouldn’t zip up due to my wide thighs and belly sticking out.

But I’m not telling you this for you to pity me.

It’s a story about my bumpy, difficult weight loss journey. But it does have a very happy ending.

So, how did I go from hiding my body from the world in my baggy XL hoodies to proudly fitting in that small dress I bought for a wedding?

Well, as I’m about to share below, I was approaching weight loss completely the wrong way…

Just when I was on the verge of giving up, I saw an article on Facebook about a girl who lost weight due to a new, personalized wellness book. Going through the girl’s before-and-afters, I thought she was going to promote yet another unrealistic, strict diet.

But instead, I learned the secret name for the missing puzzle piece in my life: personalized diets. Reading through her story, I realized how similar it was to mine. It was checking all of my boxes, and then it clicked… I couldn’t maintain diets in my “old”life because they weren’t sustainable.

I would lose some weight, end up snacking, and everything would fall apart because I couldn’t maintain that kind of lifestyle. It felt like a cycle I couldn’t break. Then, along came this article that was promising me no real meal restrictions and not starving myself. In fact, I didn’t even have to change my lifestyle at all!

Unlike all the other diets I crossed out, this felt different to me. So, I took a leap of faith and signed up for Beyond Body.

I’ve lost over 21 pounds and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Did I mention that I have another wedding I was invited to this summer? And guess what — my first dress (the one I was struggling to zip up before) IS TOO BIG NOW. I will need a new dress again. A bit of irony there!

I noticed other changes, too — my hair looks thicker and shinier. My skin is smooth and radiant — I’ve never had skin this good!

Overall, I just have more energy. I wake up and enjoy life without having to concentrate my thoughts on the next snack I’m going to eat. And it all became effortlessly easy because of Beyond Body.

I couldn’t feel prouder of myself. Now, I want you to experience that for yourself too.

So what is Beyond Body, exactly? This personalized wellness book covers all of the aspects of your life that make you, you. Start by taking a detailed online quiz to input information about your allergies, activity level, body type, background, personality type, and fitness goals. Once you’ve entered your nutritional requirements and other unique mental or physical needs, you’ll receive a professionally-made book that helps you learn more about yourself while establishing a road map to wellness.

sample diet and food page from Beyond Body book.
Beyond Body

Research shows that most weight loss is a result of healthy nutrition, so your Beyond Body guidebook features a 28-day meal plan to get you started and learn new healthy cooking principles. This isn’t a diet book, and you won’t have to learn to eat fancy or exotic ingredients you can barely even pronounce, much less cook. Instead, the plan focuses on healthy ingredients that can be prepared in a variety of different ways. You’ll learn how to use foods you already enjoy eating, but in new, healthier ways.

Since the Beyond Body book is customized for you, the nutrition chapters include personalized information on any food intolerance or allergy you may have, as well as problems like IBS, high cholesterol, GERD, and more.

Beyond Body workout page
Beyond Body

Your Beyond Body book also takes all of your physical needs and restrictions into consideration and creates a customized workout made just for you. Each workout is designed to get your heart rate up while increasing strength and flexibility. Beyond Body meets you where you are, picking up at your current activity level and increasing the intensity as you get fitter.

Beyond Body chapter on dealing with social pressure.
Beyond Body

The experts behind Beyond Body understand that there’s more to wellness than just losing weight, so your personalized book also contains resources for your emotional and mental well-being. The Mindfulness chapter contains valuable information about stress relief techniques, restful sleep, work-life balance, and more.

In keeping with their money-saving mission, Beyond Body also offers cost-effective natural remedies to improve your skin and hair. Skip the salon and reach for these home recipes for silky hair and glowing skin, instead!

Natural Remedies chapter in Beyond Body book
Beyond Body

Beyond Body helps establish one small healthy habit at a time. These lifestyle changes are so gradual and intuitive, you’ll be shocked at your progress after the first 28 days! This is the first fully personalized wellness book in the world, and it guarantees anyone can achieve their health goals and regain their confidence simply by following customized nutrition, fitness, and habit-building programs.

Let’s face it, rich folks can afford to hire a personal trainer or nutritionist to create a customized health plan, but that’s definitely not in our budget! Beyond Body believes good health shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag: it should be available to us all… and we couldn’t agree more!

Beyond Body book
Beyond Body

Are you ready to build lifelong, sustainable healthy habits and become the best version of yourself? If so, try out the Beyond Body program for 28 days and watch as small, almost effortless changes to your daily routine really add up. As an added perk, InspireMore readers get 60% off plus free shipping with code INSPIRE60!

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*We couldn’t do all the good that we’re doing without incredible sponsors like Beyond Body. We hope you’ll join us in supporting them!

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