10-Yr-Old BFFs Inspire Friends Across The World With Epic Dance Video.

Safya and Tyana of Paris, France, have a favorite saying, “dance is a universal language.”

The 10-year-olds are close friends who love nothing more than dancing together and spreading smiles. Both their talent and friendship have touched thousands of hearts through their Instagram videos — and inspired people from across the world to join in.

safya and tyana

Back in June, one of their videos went viral, catching the attention of Lindsay Diann and Sheela Awe, two dancers from Los Angeles, California. The girls’ bond spoke to both of them. They also couldn’t help but notice they looked like younger versions of themselves!

So, the women figured, why not recreate the dance? They shared their own video of themselves and the 10-year-olds, capturing an adorable connection between two sets of friends, generations, and countries.

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girls' dance recreation

“It’s a generational thing,” Lindsay wrote. “And this is real life. Thank you @tyana_dvb @safya_mo for sharing your light and inspiring me and @sheelaawe to do the same!”

Like Safya and Tyana, Lindsay and Sheela radiated joy as they moved together, grinning the whole time. Some viewers mistook the video as a then-and-now featuring the same two girls — they’re that similar! But even though they’re also different, the same passion brought them all together.

girls' dance recreation

What a cute idea! It just goes to show that Tyana and Safya are right: dance speaks to everyone, no matter their country or language. We’d love to see all four dancing together in the same place one day. Until then, we’ll keep hitting replay!

Watch the dancers shine in the video below, and share to spread their joy!

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