“Best Day Ever.” Soccer Super Fan Joins Team On The Field To Celebrate Their Victory.

A two-photo collage. The first is of Joel Selwood talking to a fan, Sammy Moorfoot, who is in the crowd. Sammy’s eyes are wide open from surprise. The image is captioned with what Joel is saying to him, “Come on the field.” The second is of Joel and Sammy hugging as they admire the medal hanging around Sammy’s neck. They’re standing on the field.

Sports aren’t just about the players – they’re also about the fans!

In a recent Geelong Cats soccer game, the crowd went wild as this beloved Australian team secured their premiership victory in a landslide. Countless fans celebrated from the stands, but one in particular stood out: Sammy Moorfoot.

Sammy, who has Down syndrome, isn’t just a dedicated fan – he’s been one of their water boys for years! That’s why, when the team’s key forward, Jeremy Cameron, spotted him, he headed straight over to say “hello!”

What started as a quick chat, however, quickly turned into Sammy being brought onto the field so he could celebrate their victory right alongside them!

Cameron placed a medal around Sammy’s neck, something he was quick to show off to the rest of the crowd who cheered wildly in response. This massive supporter continued to celebrate with lots of hugs and cheering of his own, all the while radiating a joy so contagious, you don’t even need to be a sports fan to enjoy the excitement!

“Best day ever,” Sammy captioned his celebration video on Instagram. “What legends. We did it boys! Go our Cats!”

Watch Sammy’s wholesome celebration in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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