This 2-Yr-Old Is Putting Us All To Shame With His Next-Level Car Expertise.

little boy identifying cars

How many car manufacturers could you identify simply by looking at their symbols? The answer for most of us is probably fairly small, but for a little boy named Benji Durnwald, the number is much, much higher!


Benji’s mom Nicole shared a video of her 2-year-old son showing off his impressive memory of vehicle brands from Hyundai to Bugatti. As Nicole holds up a flash card of each symbol, her son calls out the manufacturer in the blink of an eye. Nicole can’t stop cracking up as he rattles them off with ease, only stumbling once when he gets to Mitsubishi. (Can you blame him? That’s kind of a mouthful when you’re only 2!)

Benji seems to be having a blast showing off his terrific memory! What a cutie! See him in action in the video below, and be sure to share this story to see how many car brands your friends can recognize.


Watch my two year old blow your mind with his car knowledge. Do you even know all these car manufacturers??! #carsoftiktok #racecar #toddlersoftiktok

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