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Little Girl Has Sweetest Reaction When She Sees Fisherman Dad’s Boat Come In.

Life as a commercial fisherman isn’t easy for Ben Rowse, but knowing he has loved ones waiting for him onshore makes it all worthwhile.

He works as a skipper for the Real Cornish Crab Company in Cornwall, England. He routinely heads out to sea for days or even weeks at a time, so he always looks forward to seeing his 2-year-old daughter the minute he returns.


Toni-Rose recently spent the weekend with her mom Demelza while her dad was out at sea fishing for lobster and crabs. On the day he was scheduled to return, Ben’s partner, Tegan Howard, picked up the toddler and brought her to the dock to meet his ship.

As soon as Toni-Rose caught sight of her dad’s vessel, she got very excited and started waving her arms and calling his name. Tegan thought the greeting was so cute that she began recording, and the video is precious enough to melt our hearts!


In a short clip, we see that Toni-Rose is the picture of joy as she waves at Ben’s boat and rushes down the dock to greet him. When she reaches him, the awesome dad hoists her into the air for an adorable embrace.

The moment is so sweet that there’s little wonder the clip went viral!

“He’d only been away a couple of days. He usually goes for about two or three days but sometimes up to five days,” Tegan explained later. “She does miss him. They FaceTime when he’s away, but she sometimes doesn’t see him for over a week.”


On Father’s Day, Ben’s employer shared the heartwarming video on Facebook, writing, “We know how tough it can be for fishermen working away from their families, but homecomings like this make it all worth it.”

The video was then used with the hashtag “HomeAndDry” to promote Maritime Safety Week in the U.K.

Tegan said Ben was tickled pink over both his daughter’s ecstatic greeting and the joy they’ve brought so many other families. As the son of a fisherman himself, watching his daughter run toward his boat reminds him of his childhood.


What a sweet family tradition! Welcome home, Ben!

Watch Toni-Rose greet her daddy’s ship in the video above, and don’t forget to share this story.

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