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Ben Franklin’s Daily Schedule Is Surprisingly Simple, Yet Brilliant

Image of Benjamin Franklin on $100

We can learn a lot from Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule. If you glanced at it once, you might think to yourself, “this is definitely the schedule of an underachiever.” Not the case.

Take a look at his schedule below, paying special attention to the two questions that he asked himself at the start and end of every day.


benjamin franklin schedulevia imgur

This schedule may seem basic, and not busy enough. But when you realize everything Mr. Franklin accomplished, you won’t think that anymore.

Benjamin Franklin was one of our nation’s Founding Fathers who held the titles of civic activist, author, political theorist, scientist, statesman, diplomat, and inventor.  Among his many accomplishments, some of the most notable are: invention of bifocals (eyeglasses…he invented eyeglasses!), establishment of the University of Pennsylvania, discovery that lightning is electricity (famous kite and key story), first mapping of the Gulf Stream, first idea for Daylight Savings, and he was one of the five men (The Committee of Five) who drafted the Declaration of Independence. That is a lot of achievement for an 8-hour work day!

How did his schedule help him do all of these things?  It was simple and focused. And the most critical part is that he asked himself daily, “What good shall I do today?” He had a direction.

So, the question remains: What good will you do today?

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