Frantic Dad Pleads For Replacement Of Autistic Son’s Favorite Cup, Stunned By Viral Response.

Ben Carter is an English 14-year old with very particular tastes. And the right taste for him comes from his trusty blue cup. When it came to his favorite cup, nothing else will do. Ben’s severe autism makes any diversion from his routine cup an impossibility.

But just as Ben’s current blue Tommee Tippee cup was on its last leg, Marc learned the devastating news that they are no longer being made. So, he jumped onto social media in search for a new #CupForBen.

For everyone to fully understand why this particular cup is so important to Ben, Marc explained,

Ben is 14 and has severe autism, he’s non-verbal and has very limited understanding. Since the age of 2 he has drunk exclusively from a little blue Tommee Tippee two handled cup.

Fortunately, about 3 years ago we managed to replace this very old and disintegrating cup with a newer one – cup part first, lid a few weeks later. He was suspicious but we survived.

No big deal right? We can just get something else! At that age he should be drinking out of a glass!

You’d think eh. Ben hasn’t drunk at school since the age of 5, he doesn’t drink outside of the house so we can’t go anywhere. People say he will drink when he’s thirsty, but two emergency trips to A&E with severe dehydration say otherwise.

These cups are not made anymore, the replacements are all new and fancy, we’ve tried them, Ben throws them at us. Maybe you have one stuck at the back of your cupboard? It can be used, that’s fine, the one he has doesn’t have long left.

In all honesty we are really worried what will happen if it falls apart completely. Can you help us? Please share this far and wide, you can find me on twitter @GrumpyCarer. We will happily pay for the cup and postage, and we would love more than one if we can find them.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.22.53 PM
Marc Carter | Twitter

And that’s when the post took off! In its first day, it gathered over 14,000 retweets. The amount of response, reach and global care was mind-blowing. Responses even came from as far as Australia. People began sharing photos of their Tommee Tippees with Marc to see if it was the right one, since it needed to be nearly identical in order for Ben to drink from it. Some were spot on, but others had the smallest of discrepancies and were a no-go.

That’s when Tommee Tippee in the UK caught wind about Marc’s search and began scouring their warehouses and cupboards for any leads.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 1.03.17 PM
Tommy Tippee UK | Twitter

Even though they weren’t able to find any spares lying around any of their warehouses and factories, they went above and beyond the call for Ben. According to their website, “Our factory team discovered that the tools to make the original cups were still stored away and, crucially, they were in a usable condition.”

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.21.55 PM
Tommy Tippee UK | Twitter

Tommee Tippee saw an opportunity to make sure that Ben is always hydrated and never without his cup. And oh boy did they deliver on their promise. They manufactured him 500 new cups!

Marc Carter | Twitter

Something that may seem so small and irrelevant to many, means the world to others. Even if we think that people don’t care and the world isn’t listening, they actually are. And when people from around the world come together for a cause, mountains can be moved.

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