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Girl With Down Syndrome Didn’t Have Prom Date, Then Remembers Promise From 7 Years Ago.

When Ben Moser and Mary Lapkowicz met in elementary school, they were fast friends.

Mary has Down syndrome, but that made no difference to Ben, who immediately became her best friend. Even their fourth grade teacher Tracey Spogli noticed a special bond between the two.

“He watched over her constantly,”she recalled. “If she was looking like she wasn’t having fun, he would go over and talk to her. He would pull her in to what ever activity they were doing. He just always watched out for her.”

After witnessing an older cousin prepare for prom, Ben became inspired by the idea and made a promise to Mary that one day he would take her to prom.

A wrench was thrown into his plans when Mary moved to a different school district in the sixth grade. Fortunately, their paths were able to cross again during a football game when their high schools played each other. Mary was working as the equipment manager for her school’s team and Ben played as the quarterback for his school.

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That’s when Ben remembered his fourth grade promise to Mary and decided to make it come true, 7 years later.


So in May of 2015, during their junior year of high school, Ben took Mary to her high school’s prom and the pictures of this childhood couple are not only sweet and adorable to see, but also incredibly inspiring.


Despite everything that makes them different from each other, Mary and Ben formed a special bond as children that impacted their lives forever.



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