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Frumpy Mom Wore Same Hairstyle For 37 Yrs — So Daughters Call Oprah For Makeover.

joan makeover

It’s easy to get stuck in a beauty rut, but when you’ve been rocking the same outdated look for 37 years, it’s definitely time for a makeover!

Joan Irvine’s daughters Cindy and Christine were sick and tired of looking at their mom’s terribly teased bouffant. She’d been wearing the same complicated hairdo since before they could remember, and it was making her look much older than she felt inside.


Not only that, but the style took forever to create! Once a week Joan would spend about four hours washing, curling, drying, and teasing her hair into a big gray poof. Four hours! Who has the time for that?


Joan used so many hairpins to keep up her beehive in place that she once canceled a vacation for fear that she’d set off the metal detectors at the airport! Can you imagine?


Her daughters said that even when Joan went swimming, she always refused to get her hair wet. “If swimming high up was an Olympic sport, she would win the gold medal, definitely!” Cindy said.


“That beehive thing,” Christine laughed, “It’s gotta go!”

Joan’s wardrobe and makeup were sorely lacking, too. Cindy and Christine appealed to Oprah Winfrey for help, and Oprah, in turn, asked actress and style mogul Victoria Principal to step in and update Joan’s look.

The results were simply jaw-dropping!


This makeover took about 20 years off of Joan’s appearance. We can only imagine how amazing she feels when she looks in the mirror and sees her sleek new hair, makeup, and wardrobe!


As Victoria said to Joan’s daughters, “Your mom now looks like your sister!”

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