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Dad Sneaks Into Beast Costume To Make Tiny Princess’s Birthday Dreams Come True.

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a young father with his daughter. Well, nothing except seeing a young father doing whatever it takes to make his little girl’s dreams come true.

If there’s one thing Josh and Jasmin Betschner know about their daughter, it’s that she’s a massive fan of the Disney movie, “Beauty and the Beast,”and even refers to herself as Belle every now and then. They really wanted to make her feel like the belle of the ball at her third birthday party earlier this month, so they transformed the local community center in Valrico, Florida, into a ballroom of sorts, just like in the movie!


Of course, the center doesn’t have the elaborately hung drapes or winged staircase, but Gianna probably has a pretty good imagination, and her entrance is just as grand as Belle’s. As the first notes of “Beauty and the Beast”fill the room, she and Beast walk hand in hand down a short hallway toward the center of the room. And of course they’re accompanied by loud cheers and clapping because this is the most precious thing you’ll ever see!

Gianna does a little half turn, then places her hands in Beast’s massive maws, and the two slow dance through the rest of the song. Beast throws in a few turns for good measure, and it’s as if he’s putting this precious little princess on display for all her court to admire!

gianna and beast dancing

Jasmin, Gianna’s mom, filmed the scene, but unfortunately, stopped filming as soon as the song ended. So we’re left to imagine this adorable little girl’s reaction when Beast took off his costume and revealed the person she just danced with is none other than her dear ol’ dad!

betschner family

“She is (in) love with princesses and Belle!”Jasmin wrote in the caption to the video. “Dad made her wish come true! End result? One happy little girl!â€

Check out this touching father-daughter scene in the video below, and share to spread the love!

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