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Beautiful Moment Little Boy Finds Out He’s The Perfect Match For Sister Battling Cancer.

A little boy is excited to be a donor for his sister's bone marrow transfer.

One big brother was excited to learn that he’d be saving his little sister’s life through a bone marrow transfer. Caden, age 6, jumped up and down for joy when he found out that he was the perfect match to be a stem cell donor for Josie. She’s been battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia since she was only 11 months old, according to Instagram. Her family was hopeful when the little girl went into remission, which lasted about 2 years. Unfortunately, her cancer came back.

Caden is eager to be the one to save his sister’s life as a stem cell donor. Family members are calling him “Josie’s hero” as he prepares for the bone marrow transfer. Hopefully, the procedure will cure the toddler with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Some commenters online have been concerned about Caden’s health and safety throughout this process, but a bone marrow transfer isn’t typically a big risk for the donor. One user pointed out that the nature of the procedure would be just like giving blood. Caden’s mom wrote back that this would be the case.

A comment on Instagram about bone marrow donation.
Screengrab from Instagram

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the process of donating bone marrow isn’t painful and it doesn’t take too long to recover. It can be very difficult to find a donor, so Josie is very lucky to have a perfect match in her big brother!

A little boy is excited to be a donor for his sister's bone marrow transfer.
Screengrab from Instagram

It’s so moving to see Caden’s joyful willingness when it comes to being a stem cell donor for his little sister. Siblings truly are a gift! We’re wishing them both all the best as they undergo the bone marrow transfer.

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