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Be Pretty.

Being pretty is great and all, but have you ever tried being loving, or kind, or compassionate?

Do you spend as much time practicing your smile in front of the mirror as you do perfecting your highlight and contour?

Sure your hair shines in natural sunlight, but does the kindness of your heart radiate in the darkest of places?

Are you as quick to pick up the phone and check on those in need as you are to pick it up and post a picture of your new outfit on Instagram?

They say clothes make the person, but do they really define who you are to the world?

We put so much emphasis on being pretty outwardly that we’ve forgotten what it means to be pretty on the inside.

Pretty isn’t found in a makeup palette. It’s found in how people view you as a whole.

Do they speak of you fondly, or are you brought up in conversation with a grimace and a quick topic change?

Are the things you’re doing in life leading a positive impression, or are you just floating through life hoping your face will do all the work?


It’s no secret that being pretty will get you a lot in life, but it won’t get you everything. It won’t get you the important stuff…the things that really matter in the grand scheme.

So you’ve got a pretty face. Congratulations! Now show the world what sets you apart from all the other pretty people. Show them your all-encompassing beauty. Show them that you’re more than the physical.

Be pretty with intention. Be pretty with meaning. Be pretty to everyone you meet. That’s what being pretty should really be all about.

This story originally appeared on Four Norths in the South

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