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Rescue Dog Plays “Pattycake” With People At Shelter And It Works Like A Charm.

Barbie the shelter dog sticking paws through cage to get attention.

With millions of animals in shelters across the world, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. A mixed-breed dog named Barbie managed to do just that in the cutest way possible!

Six-month-old Barbie was surrendered to the Animal Care Center (ACC) in Brooklyn, New York, with another puppy. Her previous owners underestimated how much time and effort two energetic puppies would require, and after receiving noise complaints from their landlord, Barbie wound up in the shelter, wondering where she went wrong.

Caregivers at the shelter were immediately taken with her personality. Barbie is incredibly friendly, and she loves to play so much that whenever someone walked by her crate, she stuck her paws through the bars to get their attention. With her tail wagging furiously and her body a spasm of pure joy, the happy puppy tried to play with every human (and dog!) she saw.

Volunteer Manisah Shah knew the pup was special right away.

“She is literally the most charming little pup,” she told The Dodo. “When we passed her kennel, we said hi and gave her treats, and she would flop around in her kennel looking for attention and hoping to be taken out. Finally, it was her turn, and she stuck her little paws out through the food slot. She is irresistible!”

Barbie was so cute and eager for love, ACC made a special post about her and shared it to the Boroughbred in Brooklyn Instagram page.

“She flops down dramatically and adorably, and if I wasn’t already smitten that would have done it!” they wrote. “She stretches her paws through the kennel bars to play pattycake, and that seals the deal. What is cuter – Barbie’s baby pink and black nose or her round puppy belly?”

The video of Barbie sticking her paws out to play with passersby was a big hit on the shelter’s social media pages. By the very next morning, people were lining up to adopt Barbie.

“She was adopted fast!” Manisa said. “One of our followers saw our post and went to the shelter and adopted her quickly!”

Barbie’s new family was first in line to sign on the dotted line, and now she’s living a dream life in Brooklyn with people who appreciate her. They’ve even started an Instagram just for her, so Barbie’s new fans can watch her grow up surrounded by love and attention.

It’s Barbie’s world; we’re just living in it! This clever girl found an adorable way to get noticed, and it worked like a charm.

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