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Barber Gives Young Burn Victim New Hair — And Reveals Surprise That Leave The Boy Speechless!

A barber shaves a kid's head as he sits still, a serious look on his face. The kid is a burn victim, as can be seen on the top of his scalp. In one hand, the barber holds onto what looks like a kind of toupee.

Burn victims overcome so many hurdles on their healing journey. If someone’s appearance has been altered as a result of the incident, this might include learning how to feel confident again. This has certainly been the case for a little boy named Julio Cesar. Although we don’t know exactly what happened to this burn victim, what we do know is that he sought help from a barber named Francisco Oliveira.

One glance at Francisco’s Instagram account will show you that he’s no stranger to helping burn victims like Julio. Since 2018, he’s been crafting new hairstyles for those who struggle to work with the hair they’re able to grow themselves. Although he has lots of videos on his Instagram, one of his most popular is of Julio.

In the video of Julio’s transformation, it’s clear that the little boy is nervous at first. Still, he sits patiently as Francisco works his magic. It’s so fascinating to watch as the barber makes the hair piece look as though it grew from the boy’s own scalp.

Barber Gives Burn Victim a Life-Changing Hair Transformation

Clearly, Julio agrees. Because once Francisco is done, Julio can hardly stop hugging him before rushing over to his parents to do the same. This is also when a smile creeps up on the shy boy’s face!

A little boy smiles as his mom holds him close. Dad sits next to mom, watching them.

“Julio Cesar is back,” Francisco shares in the caption of his video. The folks in his comment section can’t agree more!

“Thank you for helping this child feel seen and a sense of belonging,” one person says. “It will indeed have a beautiful ripple effect on the people in his life.”

“It’s never about the haircut – it’s about bringing back a person’s confidence, making them look and feel good, despite what they go through,” another person shares. “A new do will always lift the spirits. That’s what I love about being a barber.”

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