Music Teacher Uses Church Bells From WWI To Spread Hope Throughout Town

Hope comes in many forms, but Heather Jean Jordan’s favorite is the sound of bells.

Heather is a singer-songwriter, music teacher, and the music director for St. George in the Pines Church in Banff, Alberta. As such, when the novel coronavirus pandemic began, she set out to lift spirits the best way she knew how — through music.

After Sunday services were canceled, Heather wanted to show the community that they were still united, even apart. So, she decided to play the church’s peal bells in a live-stream. The bells date back to 1927, when the church installed them to honor those who fought in World War I.

Members loved the show so much that Heather decided to perform on a daily basis!

“The first Sunday that we did it, people said it touched them and that they really needed that, and I was like, ‘Well, I don’t have any other work really, so I might as well do it every day,'” Heather told the Calgary Eyeopener.

So, every afternoon at 1 p.m., Heather began ringing the large bells through a set of 11 levers as locals sat outside, listening to the beautiful sounds ringing out across the town.

Heather has played “Amazing Grace”, “Ode to Joy”, and the Beatles’ classic, “All My Loving,” but no matter the song, she always spreads joy to her neighbors — including herself!

“You might feel low in the morning but when you get there it’s like, ‘Well, I got to ring these bells because there are people who are waiting for them,'” she said. “There’s something about bells because by the end I’m feeling really good.”

What a wonderful way to bring the community together from a distance! We’re sure Heather’s music touches more hearts than she knows.

Listen to her stunning take on “Amazing Grace” in the video below, and share to help her spread more hope!

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