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Ballerina Can’t Resist Street Musician’s Beautiful Melody, Kicks Off Shoes & Breaks Into Stunning Dance.

Every major city has a street musician and most cities will have several on a city block. Sometimes the entertainment level is pretty low; but every once in awhile a musician comes along that plays beautifully and attracts the attention of everyone walking by.

On a little street in Italy last summer a violinist was playing the classical song ‘Comptine D’un Autre Ete’ by Yann Tiersen when a father and his daughter named Rima Baransi who were visiting from Palestine stopped walking and started filming his performance. The musician’s playing was beautiful and the young girl wanted to start dancing but must have been nervous because she needed a little encouragement.


After some loving prompting from her father, Rima looks straight ahead and listens to the music with a focused look on her face. As soon as she hears her musical cue she begins dancing on the street, kicking off her sandals and braving the hard pavement.


While she is dancing a soft breeze ripples through her dress as she flows with perfect rhythm from one movement to the next, completely improvising as she goes.

Paired with the Italian surroundings and the delicate music, the whole scene is like something out of a movie. Her dancing is fluid, expressive, and strong – especially since she just jumped into dancing without having properly warmed up her body.


Rima is currently going through a contemporary dance training program with DanceWorks Berlin in Berlin, Germany. She has been dancing ever since she is 8-years-old and has become so talented that various dance companies have have hired her professionally for projects.

Make sure to watch this beautiful video of Rima dancing and share with your family and friends!

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