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Bagel Shop’s Uniquely Wholesome Promotion Is Sure To Bring A Smile To Your Face!

Offering free bagel chips for a few dance moves at Bagels and Schmear proved to be a hilariously great time.

The sign was posted, and the door opened, setting the stage for hilarity. The sign posted a challenge. “Do a silly dance walking in. If we like it ā€” free bagel chips on us!” How many customers would like to show off their dance moves to earn free bagel chips? The folks at Bagels and Schmear were about to find out!

Posting a sign on your door doesn't mean everyone will read it.
Image from TikTok.

It didn’t take long for the contestants to start filing in. The first woman showing off her dance moves was beyond enthusiastic. The gentleman behind her, not so much. He must have missed the sign as he eyed the woman suspiciously.

Dancers began entering Bagels and Schmear strutting their best moves to earn free bagel chips.
Image from TikTok.

Next up was a mom and child dancing through the door and heading toward the counter. While mom was leading this parade, the child was smiling, too.

A mom and child doing a little dance move entering Bagels and Schmear.
Image from TikTok.

Not everyone was enthusiastic about earning free bagel chips. Bagels and Schmear is a local bagel shop that does bagels and coffee. The owner believes in doing things right. They make their bagels from scratch so you won’t get any dry, crumbly, pre-processed bagels there. They hand make all their “schmear” too. Truly authentic NY-style bagels in Herts/London, UK. Visiting the shop should be on your itinerary if you’re in the neighborhood. And now, back to the dance contest!

One gentleman came in dancing as if he’d already had an energy drink or three to start his day. He took the phrase, “Dance like no one is watching,” quite literally. But, alas, we were watching as he showed off his dance moves! A short bit later, a woman approached the counter and did a fair version of the robot.

More dancers trying to earn free bagel chips.
Image from TikTok.

Bagels and Schmear Has Our Attention

We’re not sure how many of the dancers earned free bagel chips. We hope they all did! They certainly improved our day. If you enjoyed this brief excursion into the wild and wacky world of Bagels and Schmear, please share this to spread the joy.

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