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Baby’s 1st-Ever Laugh Caught On Video, And Mom Has The Best Reaction!

woman cries as baby laughs

There are a lot of “firsts” in the early months of raising a baby, some more adorable than others. This mom caught one of the cutest “firsts” ever… a laugh!

Watch Sarah Holden enjoy some precious time with her little one when a silly face elicits a giggle!

Overwhelmed with emotion, Sarah’s in disbelief at what she just witnessed.

This image is from TikTok.

“Was that a laugh?” Sarah asks as she starts to cry.

The baby continues her giggly gurgles, and Sarah is totally amazed.

The folks in the comments were equally as overcome with emotion as Sarah!

“Girl, when you started crying I felt that,” one viewer wrote.

“My baby laughed for the first time in her sleep the other day and I reacted the same way!” shared another.

Parenthood is an emotional chapter that clearly unites communities from all over. Many parents flooded the comments, sharing memories of when their child laughed for the first time.

As a new mom documenting her parenthood journey, Sarah’s been able to share some beautiful moments with her followers. Watch the adorable clip below!

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